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How does it work?

  1. Enter the amount and press „Order“.
  2. Save the URL of your order. (You need it to access your goods if you closed the browser tab.)
  3. Pay the requested amount of Monero (XMR) or Bitcoin (BTC) to the given address. The amount must be paid completely with a single transaction within 60 minutes. If your payment arrives too late, we have to confirm it manually. If in doubt, please contact us.
  4. As soon as your payment is confirmed on the blockchain, your voucher codes are shown. In the unlikely case that your goods have become sold out in the meantime, your codes will appear as soon as they are back in stock.
  5. Write down your codes. We will delete them after 30 days.
Product Amount In Stock Item Price
Cryptomator encrypts your data so that you can synchronize it with a cloud without the cloud provider being able to read it. To redeem a voucher, you first need to click through the normal purchase process for the supporter certificate (enter the value € 15 there) or the Android app. Select „Add Coupon“ and enter the code. You can find Cryptomator's terms and conditions here. We are an official cooperation partner of Cryptomator.
Cryptomator for Android License Key (Coupon) 8 9.99 Euro
Cryptomator Supporter Certificate (Coupon) 9 15.00 Euro
Koofr offers cloud storage that you can access over the web, with the Koofr apps, or via protocols like WebDAV or rclone – perfectly suitable for syncing or backup. Koofr works great with Cryptomator, which encrypts your data before uploading. Voucher codes can be redeemed in the Koofr Web App in the menu item „Upgrade account“. Redeeming multiple vouchers of the same value credits your account for multiple years. Entering a higher-value voucher code will upgrade your account, shortening your previously paid time accordingly. The vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can find Koofr's terms and conditions here.
Koofr Cloud Storage M (25 GB) 12 months 9 12.00 Euro
Koofr Cloud Storage L (100 GB) 12 months 9 24.00 Euro
Koofr Cloud Storage XL (250 GB) 12 months 10 48.00 Euro
Koofr Cloud Storage XXL (1 TB) 12 months 10 120.00 Euro
Koofr Cloud Storage XXXL (2.5 TB) 12 months 10 240.00 Euro
Mullvad VPN helps you keep your online activity, identity and location secret. Just install the Mullvad app or set up WireGuard or OpenVPN. To redeem a voucher, first log in with your account number or create a new account with one click. After that, click on „Voucher“ and enter the code. The vouchers are valid for at least two years from the date of purchase. You can find Mullvad's terms of service here. We are an official reseller of Mullvad VPN.
Mullvad VPN voucher code: 1 month, 5 devices 52 5.00 Euro
Mullvad VPN voucher code: 3 months, 5 devices 24 15.00 Euro
Mullvad VPN voucher code: 6 months, 5 devices 25 30.00 Euro
Mullvad VPN voucher code: 12 months, 5 devices 14 60.00 Euro
SimpleLogin is an open-source email alias service to protect your email address. The voucher turns your new or existing account into a premium account for the given duration or extends it accordingly. Log in to your account and redeem the voucher at „Upgrade“. You can find SimpleLogin's terms of service here. We are an official reseller of SimpleLogin.
SimpleLogin Premium voucher code: 1 year 22 25.50 Euro
With built-in encryption and open source code, Tutanota claims to be the world's most secure email provider. Each gift card is a web address. Just open it to redeem it. For tax reasons, this will check if the country of the gift card is the same as the country set in your account. The gift cards are valid for at least two years from the date of purchase. You can find Tutanota's terms and conditions here. We are an official reseller of Tutanota. Gift Card 12 EUR (Germany) 10 13.00 Euro Gift Card 24 EUR (Germany) 3 26.00 Euro Gift Card 48 EUR (Germany) 3 52.00 Euro
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