We process orders against prepayment only. We currently offer the following payment options:


In our store we have two special mailboxes where you can throw in envelopes with cash and, if necessary, a padlock. The first one (20 x 4,5 cm) is directly at the counter. The second one (17 x 1,8 cm) is located in our second entrance door, which can be reached via the staircase. The stairwell is open during the opening hours of the doctor’s practice above us (Mon. 7:30-18:30, Tues. 07:30-12:30, Thurs. 7:30-17:00, Fri. 7:30-12:30).

This way, if you pay in cash, you can hand in the cash and, if necessary, the key and padlock together with the corresponding order number without personal contact. However, this is only possible for items that do not require proof of age.